Centralized inventory management, resource sharing, and donation for hospitals. A collaborative experience for hospitals to manage their resources.

Bronze winner at Redis Hacks 2021 ($500 prize)
Introducing, Sahay.
Introducing, Sahay.

The website


Founded in 2021, Sahay started life as an idea to not only change the way the healthcare system works, but also consolidate all the hospitals in the nearby areas and their equipment to make management and governing the system easier. Mainly a mobile app, Sahay allows hospitals to work together and share resources during this pandemic.


Our web app modernises the way our health industry operates, and aims to provide a more fast-tracked and elegant solution to the chaos of hospitals. Integrated with a real time feedback and update, we ensure that no hospital has to suffer due to not having enough resources. A quick and easy scan through your personal dashboard gives our users all the necessary information, and also grants the ability to make requests when in need.

How we work

Hospitals can register at our website after creating their account the can upload the list of all their equipment that they have on the dashboard, they can further contact other hospitals for the equipment required by them.

Design / Branding

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